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I help ambitious executives & entrepreneurs, create, multiply, & preserve, their resources for generational wealth.

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Stock Investing

Keep Your Job & Create a New Income

Infinite Banking

Become Your Own Bank with the BOYR Strategy.

Business Coach

1. Start Side Business  or  2. Scale Existing Business

Opposite Stocks -

Passive Stock Investing

Keep Job & Create a New Income with this new course. We teach students how to read the market and set "orders" so that you can set up your trades for the day, go to work (or anywhere), & make money while you're off doing something else. 

Infinite Banking -

Become Your Own Bank


Become your own bank with the BOYR strategy. Learn how the wealthy use these specific policies to create wealth and simultaneously leverage the cash value to acquire more assets, and most importantly how the wealthy use it as a tool for generational wealth. 

All The Tools You Need To Build A Successful Business

Beginning your startup or scaling your existing business is much easier with expert support. This is Kevin's white glove service and your chance to work directly with him.


Kevin will meet with you 1 on 1 (virtually) for the business review and consultation (learning where the business is, pain points, and goals), and then he'll create a customized strategy that's unique to your business and goals. Kevin will then meet with you 1 on 1 again (virtually) to give insight into his finding and how to implement his custom strategy for your business. 


Past clients experienced 4x growth on average in the first year and 7x growth by year 2. 

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